Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be removed from the automated call list?

Call our Customer Care Center at (833) 318-4146 and a representative will have your name excluded from automated calls. Be sure to tell them of all family members on our plan.

If I am over 21 do I have dental benefits?

Dental care and extractions are covered for members over the age of 21, who meet criteria for a dental emergency. Limited to a total amount of $1,000 for each 12-month period beginning October 1st to September 30th.

Do I have coverage outside the state of Arizona?

Only for emergency services, if you have moved, please contact Arizona DES and the organization that administers Medicaid in the state you now live in so that you can re-qualify for Medicaid benefits at your new address. Reminder: Any provider offering emergency services MUST be registered with AHCCCS for payment.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist? 

Yes, you should always see your PCP first, so they can determine the best treatment for you. If that includes seeing a specialist, they can arrange that for you and make the referral. Note: You do not need a referral to see an OB/GYN, a dentist, or behavioral health providers.

Who is my Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

Call our Customer Care Center at (833) 318-4146 and they can assist you with this- please be sure to call Customer care before seeking treatment so they can confirm the PCP you have been assigned.

Can I change my PCP?

Yes you can. We recommend no more than five (5) times per year and never more than once in a month. This way everyone that has treated you is able to be paid for their services. We want you to find a doctor or provider that you can develop a relationship with and feel comfortable talking with about your health care needs. Remember: Always call our Customer Care Center first-- we can help you find a doctor/provider as well as confirm who you are already assigned to.

How can I find out what doctors, providers, and pharmacies are contracted with the plan?          

We have that information right here on our website - simply go to You can also call our Customer Care Center at (833) 318-4146 and they can assist you with any questions you may have about providers in your area.

How do I get a new Member ID Card?    

You can call our Customer Care Center at (833) 318-4146 and a representative will place an order for a new card for you.

Can I get a ride to my doctor's office or my medical appointments?

Yes you can, call (833) 318-4146 and you will be given an option to select transportation. Transportation services are available for non-emergency medical needs and we ask that you try to schedule at least 72 hours in advance. If it is an emergency, dial 911.

When is my renewal date?

Call our Customer Care Center at (833) 318-4146 and they can assist you with this. You can also go to to renew or apply.

Where can I get a Flu shot?       

Your PCP can provide a flu shot. Or, you can go to any of the clinics or pharmacies contracted with your plan.

If I am over 21 - do I have any vision benefits?

Eyeglasses or contacts for members over the age of 21 are only covered after cataracts are removed.

How can I get vaccinations if my PCP does not have them available?       

All PCP's that have children assigned to their practice must participate in the vaccination for children's program. However, if a vaccine is needed, there are urgent care facilities that offer vaccinations, or we can assist you in finding a PCP that will provide vaccinations.

What do I do if my PCP cannot schedule me for an appointment for me?

All PCP's have pre-established requirements regarding appointment availability. However, if you are not able to get an appointment within the time frame you need, we can call your provider for your and see if we can get you an appointment. If not, then you can schedule an appointment at a later date or we can have help you find a new PCP that can better serve your health needs.

Will my health plan cover over-the-counter items or drugs?

Your AHCCCS health plan will cover over-the-counter items if the items are prescribed through your PCP and filled at a pharmacy. For example, vitamins and laxatives may be covered, but not band aids.

How can I update my address?

Contact the Customer Care Center at (833) 318-4146 to update your address, if your address change is within the same county. If you have relocated to a different county or state, then your address change must be made through your "Eligibility Office".

How can I authorize a friend or family member to access my account?

Contact the Customer Care Center at (833) 318-4146 and you can give permission to authorize a friend or family member to access your account information for up to one year. Our Customer Care Center will need the following information for your authorized contact: name, phone number, date of birth, and address.

Why do I always have to provide my address and date of birth and telephone number before I can get information?

In order for us to protect our member's private health information, we need to identify we are speaking to the proper member and we do this by verifying information like address, date of birth, and telephone number.

What do I do if my Pharmacy will not release my prescription?

Contact the Customer Care Center at (833) 318-4146 and we can determine the issue and provide more information regarding the denial, or if prescription is denied in error we can help solve the issue.

What do I do if I think my AHCCCS ID card was stolen?

Contact the Customer Care Center at (833) 318-4146 to report your card has been stolen and we can issue a new identification card to replace your stolen card.

When is it better to go to an urgent care?

If your condition is not serious enough to go to the emergency room but you feel you need immediate attention you should go to an urgent care facility. Urgent care should treat your current issue, but you still need to visit your primary care provider for your general healthcare needs.