Office of Individual and Family Affairs (OIFA)

The Office of Individual & Family Affairs (OIFA) promotes recovery, resiliency and wellness for individuals and families of choice who may face physical or behavioral health as well as substance use challenges.

We build partnerships with individuals, families of choice, youth, communities, organizations, and we collaborate with key leadership and community members in the decision-making process at all levels of the integrated physical and behavioral health systems.

Supporting You & Your Family of Choice

Advocacy & System Navigation

OIFA extends supports to individuals and their families as they navigate the health care system. We offer support and guidance wherever and whenever it is needed.  

Be Your Own Advocate:

  • Voice: You are your best advocate. Speak up to ensure that you receive the medical and behavioral health services that you need. You are a vital part of a service delivery team and an
    equal partner in the planning and delivery of services.
  • Choice: You have the right to request covered services and choose where to receive these services within your network.
  • Be Involved: You have a right to be actively involved in the service planning process. The plan focuses on you and your needs. You can ask your OIFA Team about your covered service options.

Need further advocacy support and guidance?

Connect with B – University of Family Care/ALTCS (B – UFC/ALTCS) by email at:

Recovery and Support

Recovery is Possible for Everyone We Serve.

Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential.  

OIFA supports individuals and their families in their recovery journey. Recovery-oriented care and recovery support systems help individuals with behavioral and substance use challenges to manage their conditions successfully.  

We believe that our members and their families have the right to be empowered by having their voices heard and being active participates in their care and the decisions being made regarding their health and well-being. 

Meet the OIFA Team

  • OIFA Administrator: Colleen McGregor, MADM, MPH
    Colleen brings her own lived experience as a peer and family member to her role, overseeing OIFA and the Member Advocacy.   She supports the peer and family run programs ensuring peer and family support are available to all members and families.  She establishes structures to promote diverse youth, individual and family voice in health plan decision-making and advocates for the development of culturally inclusive environments that are welcoming to individuals and families.
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  • OIFA Program Coordinator/Community Liaison: Rebecca Hyson, BA, CPRP, PRSS
    Rebecca is a peer and family member and brings this experience to her role.  She believes whole heartedly in the power and value of peer and family support services across all settings, cultures, and stages of recovery.  She has experience in providing direct crisis and recovery support services, care coordination and peer support, and assists individuals and families in understanding their unique health care choices. She enjoys seeing those she has the opportunity to work with using their voices, gaining a stronger sense of self & community, learning to advocate creating positive system change, and living healthier lives. 
    Contact Rebecca   

Reach the OIFA Team at We are here to help!

Peer and Family Resources

As a member of Banner – University Family Care/ALTCS (B – UFC/ALTCS), we want to provide you and your family with community resources.

Peer and Family-run organizations are service providers owned, operated, and administrated by persons with or family members of individuals with lived experiences of mental health and/or substance use disorders. These organizations are based in the community and provide support services.

The resources provided below are for peers, families, and providers. Thank you for allowing us to be your partner in health and well-being!

Peer-Run Organizations     English

Family-Run Organizations     English

OIFA Empowerment Tools      English

Autism Community Resources     English

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Get Involved

Banner – University Family Care/ALTCS (B – UFC/ALTCS) is here to offer you that hope and support, help you learn ways you can get involved in your recovery, improve your health and wellness, and create life goals.

Whether you’re a member or family member, peer, advocate, behavioral or physical health provider, neighbor, or friend, we need your input to help improve physical and behavioral health across Arizona.

There are many ways you can get involved!

For Providers Only: We have Peer/Recovery and Family Support Workforce resources including information on continuing education and ongoing learning requirements, supervision of peer/recovery support workforce, peer support employment training programs curriculum monitoring, and peer support employment training programs curriculum development and enhancement. For more information, reach out to OIFA at

Recovery comes from learning, support, hard work, and hope. See below for ways to you can get involved.