Health & Wellness

As a member of Banner – University Family Care/ALTCS (B – UFC/ALTCS), we want to provide you and your family resources to help manage your health. Thank you for allowing us to be your partner in health and well-being!

End of Life Care

End of Life (EOL) care are the care options available to members who have an advanced illness. EOL care focuses on comfort, dignity, and quality of life. The goal is to provide physical and emotional help. You decide what the best option is for you and your family. There is no right choice. EOL care services include advanced care planning, palliative care, and hospice services.

Step by Step Advance Care Planning

What do you need for Advance Care Planning?

  • Make a visit to your provider
    • Talk about the care you want to get if you cannot speak for yourself
    • Your family or friend can attend your visit
    • At the visit, your provider will explain your illness and what your options are

Additional Resources

National Institute on Aging (NIH)

Hospice Foundation of America (HFA)

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO)

Tobacco Education and Prevention

The B – UFC/ALTCS Tobacco Cessation Program offers a number of nicotine replacement products. This includes patches, lozenges, gum, and medications to help you quit tobacco. When you and your doctor decide which is best for you, a twelve-week supply is available by prescription every six months as needed. Only one product can be selected at a time. Members also have no cost telephone support from the Arizona Smoker's Hotline (ASHLine). ASHLine is sponsored by the Arizona Department of Health Services and Prevention Program (ADHS-TEPP). ASHLine can help you at no cost by setting a quit date and giving you support. If you would like more information about quitting tobacco, please call the ASHLine at (800) 556-6222. Or visit their website at

Freedom From Smoking  - American Lung Association. This is a program to help adult smokers quit. Freedom From Smoking® is available as a group clinic, an online program and a self-help book. Talk to a cessation counselor at the Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNGUSA (1-800-586-4872).

Tobacco Free Arizona   - Arizona Department of Health Services. Learn more about the risks of tobacco use and find the resources to quit. 


Quality Improvement Program


  1. To provide accurate, understandable data to help facilitate the maintenance and enhancement of high-quality member care and services.
  2. To assure compliance with AHCCCS and Medicare quality-related standards.
  3. To assess the quality and appropriateness of services to members through the conduction of Performance Improvement Projects.
  4. To identify opportunities for improvement through the tracking and trending of member and provider staff issues.

Quality Management Performance Improvement Committee (QM/PI)

The Quality Management Performance Improvement (QM/PI) Committee headed by the Chief Medical Officer and overseen by the Board of Directors directs the Quality Management process. The QM/PI Committee is comprised of contracted providers, the Health Plan Director of Clinical Operations, Director of Clinical Programs and Systems, Director of Quality Management, Utilization Manager and Clinical Pharmacist.

Health Resources

Below is a list of national and community resources to help you manage your health.