Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services and Resources

If you think you or your family member may have problems with a mental illness or substance abuse, behavioral health services can be very helpful.

Examples of situations when behavioral health services can help are when you are feeling anxious or depressed more days than not; when you have experienced a trauma, such as a major accident, or you were the victim of a crime, or physical, emotional or sexual abuse; when you have lost a loved one; or if you are in a domestic violence situation.

Behavioral Health Coverage

Details on Behavioral Health benefits are outlined in the Evidence of Coverage (EOC) booklet, also known as your member handbook. You may also view the Mental Health Services section within the 2021 Summary of Benefits for plan benefit details.

To access the 2021 Evidence of Coverage and 2021 Summary of Benefits, please visit the 2021 Plan Materials page. You must select your County for plan benefit details.