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Job Searching During COVID-19


Here are some tips to help you job search during the COVID-19 emergency.

Looking for a job can be hard. With the extra stress during COVID-19, it can be even more difficult. Below are some things to keep in mind when looking for a job during these times:

  • Use this time to work on your resume.
  • Make a new professional email address.
  • Reach out and network with those you know who work in the field you’re looking to enter.
  • Re-work your resume to highlight remote work. Many companies need remote workers during this time.
  • Become familiar with what companies are hiring.
  • In Arizona check out and Arizona at Work. Many companies are hiring for temporary positions. This is helpful if you’ve been laid off but expect to be going back to your old job.
  • Think positively about what jobs are out there. Industries still hiring:  
    • Health care
    • Grocery
    • Delivery
    • Warehouse
    • Manufacturing 

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