Community Reinvestment Program

To help us fulfill our mission to make health care easier so life can be better, Banner – University Family Care (B – UFC) created a community reinvestment program. The program will provide philanthropic support to community-based organizations to improve access to health services and to enhance public health. Our community reinvestment program will seek to support healthcare providers and nonprofit entities that have developed, or seek to develop, innovative practices related to healthcare service delivery, with particular emphasis on whole-person integrated healthcare. 

B – UFC will make community reinvestment funding available to organizations based on internally established priorities related to the health and wellbeing of our members and the communities that we serve. We seek to support activities or programs that improve access to health services, enhance public health, and relieve government burden. 

Funding will be used to: 

  • Benefit the public at large;
  • Serve low-income individuals;
  • Reduce health disparities; 
  • Advance health care knowledge through education or research; and/or
  • Enhance public health department activities

Some examples of B – UFC priorities include:

  • Raising awareness of suicide, depression, and mental health conditions, and addressing social isolation and loneliness;
  • Addressing social determinants of health;
  • Improving member outcomes, including reduction in emergency department utilization and hospital readmissions and rapid engagement of those experiencing mental health crisis;
  • Innovative programs or services to support integrated whole-person healthcare;
  • Addressing chronic medical conditions; and/or
  • Addressing sedentary behaviors affecting health, including smoking cession, wellness, and exercise 

Application Process

Please complete the Application Form and return it to no later than December 4, 2020 for consideration for funding.

Funding decisions are made by B – UFC based on its established criteria and the availability of funding. Funding decisions are made at the sole discretion of B – UFC. 

PDF Icon Application for Community Reinvestment Funds

PDF Icon Community Reinvestment Program Description Sheet