Quality Improvement Program

At Banner – University Family Care/ACC (B – UFC/ACC), we care about your health. We are dedicated to improving the quality and safety of how you receive care. 

The Quality Improvement Department at B – UFC/ACC focuses on activities that include your healthcare. We also monitor and evaluate the way you receive care. 

Projects are always being identified and assessed for areas of improvement to provide the best healthcare possible to our members. 

B – UFC/ACC Quality Improvement (QI) Program includes:

  • Support in analytics and resources
  • Multiple collaborative QI activities
  • Reporting relationships between the QI committee and the QI staff
  • Delegate QI activities
  • Collaborative QI activities
  • Monitoring and improving performance measures related to behavioral health
  • Physician designation within the QI program for participation and advising the QI committee
  • Outlines cultural and linguistic needs 
Goals of the Quality Improvement Program
  • Yearly planned Quality Initiative (QI) activities and objectives for improving quality and safety of clinical care, quality of service, and member experience
  • Performance Improvement Projects (PIP) designed to enhance the quality of care for our members
  • Time frame for each activity's completion
  • Staff members responsible for each activity
  • Monitoring of previously identified issues
  • Staff members responsible for QI activities
  • Annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the QI program through comparison of performance measure outcomes

What We Have Done in Recent Years

Community Reinvestments

  • Improving dental care in members with substance use disorders (SUD)
    • Helped improve SUD and dental in Yuma County
  • Homelessness
    $500,000 to Home Matters
Pyx Health App
  • In 2018, we implemented the Pyx Health App or Pyx for our members. Since the beginning, B – UFC has been able to identify social determinants of health (SDOH). B – UFC has identified SDOH gaps and loneliness patterns in our members.
    • By identifying these gaps, B – UFC has helped our members with early interventions before problems escalate.
    • SDOH are those areas that are non-medical that may influence one’s healthcare. Examples of SDOH include income, education, unemployment, and housing.
    • Data reported by members who used Pyx:
      • 66% of Pyx users reported feeling more connected to their health care team.
      • 72% reported high satisfaction with the application. 
      • 53% of members reported avoiding higher levels of care just from speaking with a compassionate call center representative.
      • 36% of screened members have had a reduction in loneliness.
      • 43% have had a reduction in depression.
      • Combined 59% of members with a reduction in their UCLA-3 screening and in their PHQ screenings.
  • Care Management Program Expansion
    •  Enhancing our Care Management Program to combine physical health and behavioral health needs.
    • Through shared efforts, we saw a 67% reduction in opioids being prescribed. 

Future Goals

  • Access to care and easy referrals
    • We are very excited with changes that we are working on to improve member portals to making it easier to find what you are looking for and get connected to healthcare providers faster. 
  • Prenatal and postnatal care
    • We are proud to be partnering with La Frontera to help individuals who are pregnant and struggle with mental health to feel safe and supported by our health plan.
  • Transportation services
    • We are always working to make transportation available to you.
  • Incentives for a healthier you
    • We want you to take care of yourself! This is why B – UFC is committed to providing you rewards for taking care of yourself. We are working to provide incentives that meet your needs.
  • How well Providers communicate
    • We know how important it is to have good communication with your doctor, and we are currently looking at different ways to improve this communication.

Performance Measures & Surveys

The purpose of the provider and member surveys from AHCCCS are to solicit feedback to improve performance. Banner – University Family Care/ACC (B – UFC/ACC) will provide a member satisfaction survey to assess member needs and improve delivery of services. 

B – UFC/ACC Member Satisfaction Survey Results 

  • 2022 Member Satisfaction Survey Results     English
  • 2021 Member Satisfaction Survey Results     English
  • 2020 Member Satisfaction Survey Results     English
  • 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey Results     English

UFC Member Satisfaction Survey Results 

  • 2018 Member Satisfaction Survey Results     English
  • 2017 Member Satisfaction Survey Results     English
  • 2016 Member Satisfaction Survey Results     English
  • 2015 Member Satisfaction Survey Results     English
  • 2014 Member Satisfaction Survey Results     English

UFC Provider Satisfaction Survey Results

  • 2011 Provider Survey Results     English

UFC Provider Performance Measure Results

  • 2013 Performance Measure Results     English

AHCCCS Member & Provider Survey Results